Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nothing New.

Unfortunately, I did not get to work on the new bottle cover today. I have a 9 mos old who is teething. He is not a happy camper. I'm crossing my fingers that I can work on it tonight after the kids are in bed or tomorrow morning. I'll be happy when the 2nd tooth pokes through. We were both up all night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Late New Year!

Needless to say, I've been busy for the last month. I made about 75% of the Christmas gifts this year for family. I also made 11 pairs of mittens plus I have an order of 2 more pairs) and one chullo hat with the Harvard name in it. There was some alterations to do and a request for a remake of an old wine bottle cover. So much has happened. There are lots of pictures.

We also celebrated our 2nd child's birthday. Lucky for me he wanted a giant cookie instead of a cake.=) I bought a can of cream cheese frosting to color for the decoration. I had it made up the night before and it looked great! He was so excited about his giant baseball cookie with big chocolate chunks. Then I checked on it before I went to bed as the now 4 yr. old likes to run his finger through things. I noticed half the frosting was missing. I knew that Saturday was going to be non-stop running, but that I'd have to find time to make and redecorate a new cookie. The problem was that it baffled me who would have the audacity to do that. I knew it wasn't finger marks in the remaining frosting. We also new the dog couldn't get up on the counter to do it. (She would if she could.) Then it dawned on us who the culprit could have been, but she has never shown any interest in frosting before. My husband grabbed the cat and I opened her mouth to look at her tongue. Sure enough, it was the bright red color of the frosting. Then we realized, cats love cream cheese, so why not cream cheese frosting. Guess they need to put that as a warning on the label.

Now for the newest creations for my store. Hopefully you have remained in your seat after the little anecdote. I made a monk style bottle cover for someone at my son's school. She wanted her's in brown. It turned out REALLY cute. Even my husband thought so, which surprised me. I was afraid he would be not really pleased about a wine bottle cover, because we don't drink. So I made one in black and have it posted in my store. I have it pictured over a bottle of sparkling cider, but it will fit a standard bottle of wine. (Not the monster bottles that I've seen. LOL) I also have fabric and ideas for a couple more different ones.

Also, I will start having embroidered pieces in my shop as well. Those will be made and shipped by my mom in California. Below is a link to the slide show of the newest in my shop or just go to the store

Lots going on here. At least I'm not bored. =) I'd better get back to creating.