Friday, November 28, 2008

It's been a while!

Things have been crazy. My baby is now crawling and pulling up. Within one week, he went from sitting up to crawling to pulling himself up. I just keep saying that he is too young. My older 2 are in swim lessons. The 2nd wasn't using "listening ears" and had to miss the last half of the lesson. There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. "Listening ears" were used at the last lesson. :) For which both the lifeguards and I am VERY grateful.

Well, I had the craft show. Didn't do too bad. My mom even made and sold some things. She had a few pairs of earrings last year. This year she had so much more. Here are some of the bracelets she did. I have a few posted in my store. The first 3 are necklace and bracelet sets that were inspire by the Disney Princesses. She did the beadwork using the colors of their outfits. I have a few posted in the store:

I had quite a bit at the show this year. Our booth actually looked a lot nicer. We still have improvements to make. Each year will be better than the last. We are still learning. We are going to take part in a craft show next Saturday.

I learned how to put a slide show on here. Yeah! Now I can put more than one picture on at a time. I have a Santa and reindeer buddies bracelet with matching earrings that I'm doing. I'm not sure if I should sell them or keep them for myself. We'll see.

First, I need to finish the pairs of mittens for a friend's grandchildren. She asked for 4 pairs. I'm also making most of the Christmas presents for family this year. I'll get pictures posted when I'm finished.

Hope everyone has a great night!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Craft show....

So I have a craft show in 2 mos. Now that the oldest is in school, I've a little more time to work on crafts. Right now, I'm trying to get korkers done. I have to make my own korker ribbon, cause there is no way I'm paying the price for pre-made. So I'm having fun coordinating the colors. I'm going to do a few in school colors and different widths of ribbon. They really are fun to make if you can get the little cork screws to stay still. Wish I were young enough to wear them.

Yesterday, the younger 2 did awesome. I even took them to Tim Horton's. Course the youngest couldn't eat anything there. (I think someone would've had a fit if I fed a 4 mos. old a donut.) So we went and enjoyed that. We also stopped by the bank and Walmart (so I could get ribbon for the korkers). Then the oldest got home. The bomb exploded. The 2nd child who was commenting how much he missed his brother all day started nit-picking at his brother. They went back and forth. The 4 mos. old just wanted to be held. So needless to say, I only finished 2 korkers.

Well, I'd better get back to work. I'm hoping today goes a little smoother. I'm all coffee'd up, so maybe I'll get things done.

One more thing, the boys haven't watched TV in several days. I'm thinking of saving the almost $40 and having it canceled. I should go do that now.

Have a great day!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Saturday night

Well, it is Saturday night here in Maine. I've been busy. We went this morning to my parents house. We also got the boys some new sheets (300 count). I'm hoping this will help keep them in their own beds. They really like our sheets.

I also picked up some cell phone charms that my mom and I want to try to sell. I've got Patriots, Red Sox and Yankees. I like them. They are all posted in my shop ( I took some time and handmade special cards for them to be displayed on. The cards turned out better than I thought they would. I took a picture of a cell phone. I blacked out the company, cause I wouldn't want to be suspected of supporting any one company in particular. Then thickened the pictures. Whaalaa! Got my cards. Now I just need to make more teams. I can make MLB and NFL.

I got one posted before my BIL came to post some things on ebay. He is a novice. I remember those days. I'm also teaching my hubby how to post things on ebay. He posted a car manual. (They get pretty expensive.) We don't need the manual as that car was burned in the barn fire (a story for another day).

Ebay is going pretty good. I have quite a bit of stuff to post. Between my parents cleaning things out and me cleaning out rooms, I think I'm pretty set for a while.

It's late here. Gotta get to bed.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Last day of the first week

Today was my son's last day of school during his first week of school. He gets off the bus so excited about everything he did that day. I got a call from the school nurse. He had a large bump on his cheek. I told them it was a bug bite which they already figured out. When he gets bit, he swells up. I asked the dr. about it. Since he isn't having breathing problems, he isn't allergic. Poor kid!

Things were busy today. I got things cleaned up some. I actually had all the dishes done. Until dinner was made. Now the sink is full. I'll worry about them tomorrow. I need to get some sleep. I must say getting up early makes me feel like I get more accomplished during my day. The LARGE cup of coffee in the morning helps too.

I did some more rows on a blanket for my cousin's newest addition. I'll have to post a pic when it is finished.

Hope everyone has a good night.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy week.

Well, my oldest started school this year. I didn't cry like I thought I would. I saw how ready he was. He absolutely loves it. He wanted to ride the bus on his 2nd day. The 2nd child screamed and cried cause he couldn't ride it. He wanted to go to school so bad.

We did end up sending our son to the public school. The only thing I miss is the people that I got to talk to. I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. Some people will hardly talk to me cause I've sent my son to the dreaded public school. Oh well.

I was able to get some things done. I have a new set of earrings. They are Jack-O-Lanterns. I really liked how they turned out. I'm thinking of developing a set of earrings of different countries. We'll see how that goes. I'll keep you updated.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It has been a while!

I've been busy. Cleaning out the craft room, helping my parents get ready to move, getting my oldest ready for school. It doesn't seem to end.

I have just come across a book that was printed in 1933 before the ISBN's were started. I started to look around for the value. WOW is all I can think of to say. Now I just need to find a buyer. I'm trying to contact a person who has a website dedicated to this author.

I have also created some new crafts. I'll try to get some pics posted.

I also started a store for my MIL. Just cause I don't have enough to do. :P

Sorry for the tardiness of my posts. I've had a lot on my plate. I've tried to put in a slide show of my current items I've made, but I still need to work on it. Just check out my store, and my MIL store. I've added some fall dishcloths and hair clippies for little girls.

Have a great Day!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Need some help!

I need to help for a friend. She is having a baby at the end of the month and needs to change neighborhoods. We're talking guns, drugs, etc. She has a store that sells awesome jewelry. Check it out. Thanks for any purchases from her store that you make.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What did I get done?

I'm not sure what the answer to that question is. I got up this morning and waited for the man to pick up the bike. About 10 min. before he got there, someone called to offer me $100. I did pause, but I promised the first guy. Besides, I think it was the second guy's girlfriend. They only get my number if I contact them. I took down the ad after the second guy contacted me through the listing.

I also have sold the dog house. That will be picked up on Wednesday. I'm so excited. I'm making room in the garage, so that maybe I can actually park in there this winter.=)

I'll be so glad when we can get our next house built. With a family of 5, we are getting a little crowded. I'm hoping to get stuff out, so that I have a space for me. The only other females in the house are the dog and 2 cats, but they don't know they are girls. They were fixed before they realized it.

Every little bit that I can get, goes to pay down the debts. It is tough, but well worth it. Will we ever be debt free? I have no idea, but we'll try.

Anyway, back to my day. I got the bike sold. I went into town, paid somethings off. Then spent a little time window shopping. I found a Captain Planet thermos at Goodwill for less than a dollar. Got that posted on ebay. Then went to work on a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding next Saturday. When I realized, I didn't have the right color thread. So I made another trip into town. Worked on the dress for about 1/2 hour. Went to a pig roast. Came home and have been trying to motivate myself to finish the dress.

So back to work I go.

Friday, August 1, 2008


So I did quite a bit of posting today. I listed several sets of clothes 0-3 mos. boys on my ebay (briana78bear). I then posted a few things on craigslist. I have a bidding war on a bike. I promised it to a guy. He should be up tomorrow morning to pick it up. If he falls through there is another guy willing to pay twice as much. I couldn't believe it. I did promise it to the first guy, so I need to stand by my word. Aaaaaaaaaaarggghhhh. Stupid principles!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Great Craft Room Exodus

Well, the great craft room exodus is on. Mostly fabric right now. I do have yarn that is posted. I also have some crochet doll dress patterns. It is amazing how much stuff can build up. I should take before and after pictures, but it's embarrassing. I may do it though as a reminder not to let it get that bad again. It has spilled out into the livingroom.

The task is daunting, but needs to be done. I don't want to become one of those people whose kids avoid bringing their friends home because of the clutter. I also don't want to end up on Oprah.

I really need to get back to work. It's coming along. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post the pics.

I almost forgot. I found a lady that works with Christian Womanhood on etsy. I couldn't believe it. She makes some simple yet gorgeous jewelry. I saw a few pieces that I loved. Here is her store: You really should check it out. She is such a sweet lady and has a great testimony as well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Little Behind

So I've been working on cleaning out my craft room. I've been posting like crazy for the last week on ebay (briana78bear) and in my etsy store ( I've got fabric, sewing patterns, yarn and crochet patterns. I'm not even done! So much builds up. I have 23 things in my DESTASH section. It feels so good to get things out. Clutter makes life so difficult. No reasonable offers are refused. Things gotta go!!!!!!!

In my ebay listings (, I have some of my Boyd's Bears, a Mary MooMoo, books from Hyles-Anderson College, and some books from my mom. The books from college where books we needed for classes. There are books by Dr. Jack Hyles, Mrs. Marlene Evans and Dr. Jack Schaap. The first 2 authors are deceased and greatly missed, but we know they are in HEAVEN running around with Jesus. These postings on ebay are ending in 2 1/2 days to 4 days.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crazy Day

Today has been a little crazy and it's only about halfway over. We had to go in for the 2 mos. checkup for the baby. The older 2 acted like little terrors. They normally don't behave that horrible. I tried to put a buttonhole in a dress 6 times. I've given up. I also have about 40 chocolates in the fridge for a wedding. My 3 yr. old got into the fridge and started to eat them. I had them on the highest shelf and in the furthest back corner. Needless to say I'm about ready to cry. I still have 2+ hours till my husband gets home.

It gets a little frustrating because I never know when he'll get home. One time he didn't get home till about 15 min. before the boys went to bed. He starts work at 6:15 AM and sometimes earlier. Then doesn't get home any earlier than 4 PM.

I still have 1 bridesmaid's dress to alter. I think I'll wait a little for that one. It's made of satin and I'm really not in the mood. Plus, I need to get the right color thread.

Monday night, Matt and I refinished some chair cushions for a family. I think they turned out nice. There was so much I wanted to do to them, but they weren't my chairs. I would've like to sand, restain, etc.

Meeting new people

I meet some very interesting people who make very interesting crafts. The following crafter is one such person. This crafter uses real butterflies and flowers in the artwork (preserved of course). Sometimes I wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My first post

Hello out to everyone out there in cyberworld. I finally took my craft business to a new level. I opened an online store through etsy. I enjoy making arts and crafts as it is how I relax. So hopefully I can keep up with how things are going. I'm learning new things everyday.

A little past history on me. I attended and graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in Crown Point, IN. I received a Bachelor degree in elementary education and my MRS degree. I taught school from the fall of '01 until the fall of '06. During that time, my husband and I had 2 little boys. Teaching was taking its toll on the family and house.

I then got my CNA certificate and started working in home health care. I loved what I did. Again, working full time was taking a toll on my family and house. My boys were being raised by someone else. We searched and found the best possible daycare, but it wasn't the same as mom.

When I found out this past fall that I was expecting again, we took the plunge. I became a SAHM. Sure we had to cut back on some things. Not as much fast food.:) The boys are reaping the benefits and I'm getting the rewards.

I have been making and selling crafts part-time for the last 5 years. I decided to really make a go of it. We are on a course to get our house paid off. We want to be debt-free. So here is my on-line store: Check it out. Maybe buy something.=)

Etsy is great. Everything is handmade. So you don't have to worry about the lead paint or anything crazy like that.

I just finished the Santa earrings today. I was able to get a good picture of them in the fir tree out front before it started pouring again.

Well, I'd better get some sleep. Goodnight all.